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'Jet Set Radio HD' early access for PlayStation Plus members

Max Payne 3 discounted for members only

ps plus
ps plus

PlayStation Plus members get a slew of discounts this week

PlayStation Plus members will receive early access to the new release of Jet Set Radio HD, as well as 10 percent off its regular price of $9.99 once it releases next week, according to the official PlayStation US blog.

In addition, the latest PlayStation Plus update brings both Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Double Dragon Neon to the Instant Game Collection available to members. Both titles are available at a regular price of $9.99 for non-members.

PlayStation Plus members will also receive 33 percent off of Max Payne 3's full game or bundle pack, while PSN members will receive a 25 percent discount.The title will be available in full or bundle at a regular price of $59.99 and $67.49, respectively.

Jet Set Radio HD is scheduled to release to PSN on September 18th.

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