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3G PlayStation Vita coming to Canada on October 2nd

3G, ehh?

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

The 3G PlayStation Vita is coming to Canada.

Canada is getting the 3G PlayStation Vita on October 2nd with wireless service provided exclusively by Canadian company Rogers Communications, Sony announced today.

For $299.99 Canadians can purchase the handheld in a bundle including vouchers for SCE Japan Studio's action role-playing title Gravity Rush and third-person shooter Unit 13, both released for Vita earlier this year.

Rogers is offering two service packages with the 3G model. Players can get 250 MB for $15 a month or 5G for $35.

While 3G service doesn't allow online gaming or downloading when away from Wi-Fi, it does allow players to use the system's Near feature as well as browse the internet and use social applications like Facebook.

The Vita launched in February of this year. The 3G version was delayed in Canada due to extensive testing and planning with Sony's service partner.