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Soul Sacrifice creator working on new zombie game Yaiba

Yaiba in the works

Soul Sacrifice heroism
Soul Sacrifice heroism

Soul Sacrifice creator Keiji Inafune is working on a new zombie game called Yaiba.

This week's edition of Japan's Famitsu magazine contains the first word on Yaiba, a new zombie-oriented action game conceived by Keiji Inafune, the ex-Capcom creator who went independent two years ago.

Did you want more details than that? That's too bad – the preview has nothing but a couple pieces of concept art and doesn't give any further details, such as the target platform, release date, or what dev studio Comcept (Inafune's outfit) is working with. The art is due to be released online tomorrow on Comcept's homepage, and Inafune told Famitsu that real details will be divulged either during the Tokyo Game Show (starting September 20) or a little beforehand.

"While I can't discuss details yet, I can say that it's a title packed with all the things I like in a game," Inafune said in the preview. "From zombies to action to ninjas to mechs, it's an ambitious concept that I think ties everything together really well."

Inafune, who joined Capcom in 1987, is generally credited as the creator of Mega Man and also helped create the Onimusha and Dead Rising series. He was appointed global head of production for Capcom in 2010 before leaving the company a short time later following a series of negative public comments about the state of Japanese game development. Comcept, his new outfit, has so far produced three social games in Japan and announced three console titles; Inafune has also been busy publishing three business books and holding lectures and seminars in several Japanese universities.

This news follows yesterday's announcement of a new Inafune-developed free-to-play, side-scrolling game for Android, titled J.J. Rockets.

Update: We've added the announcement trailer for Yaiba below.

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