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Obsidian's new role-playing game to unveil this Friday

Pencil it into your calendars

Fallout new vegas_1920
Fallout new vegas_1920

Obsidian will unveil its upcoming role-playing game this Friday.

Obsidian will unveil its newest role-playing game this Friday, with new clues made available on its official website every day in the lead up to its final reveal.

Today three additional clues were included on the website, offering up obtuse lore for the so far untitled game.

"The book is unwritten," states the first post. "The reason we don't explain it is the reason we use it. Its power is in its mystery. That is the Leaden Key, in part, in whole. Is it clear?"

This is followed by the single sentence: "Digging for truth buries the seeker."

The third clue is found within the website's page source.

"Two centuries ago, your divine champion told the people of Dyrwood to grovel at his feet. If you've come on pilgrimage to the blasted crater that was our reply, Godhammer Citadel is *that* way."

The Fallout: New Vegas developer began teasing the upcoming title yesterday and offer a speculation forum where fans can debate over the meaning of its clues.

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