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'RuneScape' introduces new security measure with Account Guardian system

Free for all


Jagex introduces it's latest weapon against hackers.

RuneScape developer Jagex is bringing new security measures to the long-running browser-based massively multiplayer game, with its new Jagex Account Guardian system.

The free system will let players add trusted devices to their account, while devices not added to the list will require additional validation before the player can access their account.

"Ensuring the integrity and security of our valued community's information has always been a top priority for us, this recent update serves to strengthen the number of other innovative countermeasures we have developed over the past years" said CEO Mark Gerhard in a released statement.

"Unfortunately a lot of people tend to use the same username and password on other websites, many of these are not well managed from a security standpoint and end up becoming compromised, others are simply phishing websites intended to steal player credentials, sadly the industry also has a very long list of high profile games publishers that have been hacked resulting sensitive customer account information being in the public domain."

RuneScape recently reached its 200 million player milestone earlier in July.