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'Cumulo Nimblers' now available, with an ending for the first time

A nebulous concept is now fully formed

Cumulo Nimblers 800
Cumulo Nimblers 800

Cumulo Nimblers, a cloud-centric multiplayer title from Australian indie game designer Farbs, is now available for download, with a significant design change from its PAX Prime 2012 form.

In a lengthy blog post detailing how he iterated on Cumulo Nimblers from concept to release, Farbs explains that he had not seen anyone else play the multiplayer platformer until its exhibition at the Fangamer Versus Attract Mode show during PAX Prime. A problem cropped up there: because the game had no "win" condition or ending, people kept playing it for as long as they wanted.

So the version that Farbs released today has an end: if your cloud-hopping character collects enough items ("MacGuffins," they're called), "an exciting rainbowsplosion" will emanate from him. "It was a large design change which others had suggested but I'd pushed back against," says Farbs.

Cumulo Nimblers is free to download on Windows PCs from Farbs' website. It is a collaboration between him and the illustrator John Martz, with music by Big Giant Circles featuring Disasterpeace. Check out a brief trailer below.

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