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'New Little King's Story' coming to PlayStation Vita on October 2nd

new little king's story
new little king's story

Konami is bringing "New Little King's Story," the sequel to 2009 RPG for the Nintendo Wii Little King's Story, in coming to PlayStation Vita on October 2nd

New Little King's Story, the sequel life-simulation role-playing game Little King's Story, is coming to PlayStation Vita on October 2nd, publisher Konami announced today.

New Little King's Story will be a downloadable title and can be played in both 2D and 3D. The game utilizes the Vita's touch controls and includes online co-op multiplayer and leaderboards.

The game follows series protagonist King Corobo on his quest to win his kingdom back from the evil "Nightmare." There are seven new kingdoms to explore, each one holding a royal princess captive. In assuming their kingly duty, players must plan out strategies and lead their Royal Guard into battle against each kingdom's evil lord.

The first Little King's Story was published by Xseed Games for the Nintendo Wii in 2009.

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