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Extra Wii U GamePads cost ¥13,400 in Japan, other accessories priced

Separate gamepad available for ¥13,400

gs future 1
gs future 1

Nintendo Wii U accessories priced for Japan.

Nintendo Wii U users can purchase a separate GamePad for ¥13,400 yen in Japan (roughly $172 USD), according to today's Nintendo Direct Japan conference.

Console stands for the new system can be purchased for ¥315, with a gamepad charge stand available for ¥1890. Comparatively, that converts to $4, and $24 USD.

In addition, a bundle which includes a Wii Remote, Nunchuck and Sensor Bar will be sold for ¥5,250 ($68), supplementing the console's peripherals which are required for some Wii U titles. According to the Nintendo Direct presentation, that's a ¥2,030 discount from the cost of the accessories if bought piecemeal.

Nintendo will offer a premium and basic set for the Wii U. Its premium set will include a black console, gamepad, two adapters, 32GB of flash memory, and an HDMI cable. The basic set, on the other hand, features a white console and pad, as well as 8GB flash memory.

It is still unknown to what extent prices in North America and Europe will differ. Stay tuned for our full coverage of both events today at 10 a.m. EDT. Both presentations will streamed from the official Nintendo website.

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