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'New Super Mario Bros. U' and 'Nintendo Land' Wii U launch titles priced for Japan

The price is right

wii u
wii u

Nintendo Wii U launch titles are more expensive than those for the Wii in Japan.

New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land will be available at launch for ¥5,985 (roughly $77) and ¥4,925 (or $63 USD), respectively.

To put that in perspective, Wii Sports released as a separate title in Japan for roughly ¥2000.

Both Wii U titles will be released on the same day as the Wii U console in Japan, which is scheduled to become available December 8th, according to today's Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation.

As was announced today, the console will start at ¥26,250 (or $337 USD) and come in both a basic and premium bundle set. Stay tuned for full coverage of the North American and European Wii U presentations at 10 a.m. EDT. Both events will be streamed on the official Nintendo website for their individual regions.

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