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Wii U Pro Controller available at Japan launch for nearly half the GamePad's price

Available at launch

wii u pro controller
wii u pro controller

Wii U Pro Controller gets a date and price tag.

Wii U's Pro Controller will be available in Japan on December 8th, launching simultaneously with the new Wii U system, it was revealed today by Nintendo.

The Pro Controller, which is designed for hardcore players and will be available as a second, separate controller for the console, is priced at ¥5040. At current rates this converts to roughly $65 USD; however, it is unknown what the controller will officially be priced at in the West.

In comparison, an additional Wii U's GamePad can be purchased separately for ¥13,400 yen in Japan (roughly $172 USD.)

The Wii U will start at ¥26,250 in Japan. Information on its price point in North America and Europe is expected later today at 10 a.m. EDT, with presentations streamed from the official Nintendo website in either region.

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