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'Skylanders Giants' for Wii U will have special GamePad controls

Spyro, I choose you

Skylanders Giants
Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants will launch on the Wii U with special connectivity features using the GamePad's built-in near field communication functionality.

Skylanders Giants will launch on the Wii U with special control features using the GamePad's touchscreen and gyroscope, Activision's Eric Hirshberg announced during Nintendo's press event today.

The game was featured in a demo reel during the event, while Hirshberg revealed some of the Wii U-exclusive features shortly thereafter. Players will be able to tilt the GamePad to manipulate the game, and use the touchscreen to "drag and drop" Skylanders. Objectives and other information will appear on the GamePad's screen. No information on the game's implementation of the GamePad's near field communication functionality was discussed, but it seems like a shoe-in.

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