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'ZombiU Premium Pack' bundle available at Wii U launch for Europe

Coming to Europe


ZombiU premium pack coming to Europe and UK.

A special ZombiU launch bundle will be available on November 30th with the release of the Wii U console for users in Europe and the United Kingdom, Nintendo and Ubisoft announced today.

The ZombiU Premium Pack will feature a black 32GB model of Wii U, a black Pro Controller, and a copy of Ubisoft survival horror ZombiU.

European superstore Tesco will sell the ZombiU bundle at £329, according to its official website, while GAME will sell the bundle at £349.99, according to its official Twitter. Prices are likely to vary as European retailers set their individual prices by law.

It is unclear when North American and Japanese fans can expect to see the premium pack in stores.

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