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'Madden 13' on Wii U will not have Online Communities

Unlike the Vita version, this truly is Madden 13.

Gallery Photo: 'Madden NFL 13' Wii U screenshots
Gallery Photo: 'Madden NFL 13' Wii U screenshots
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Madden 13 on Wii U will not feature the much hyped real-time physics engine called the Infinity Engine, a representative from EA confirmed at today's Nintendo press event. The game was playable, and had the high-res look of its console competitors, but hits launched canned animations, as they have in previous years.

Online Communities, a guild-like system introduced last year that allowed large communities to compete against one another, won't be available on Madden 13 for Wii U. A representative from Electronic Art at today's Nintendo press event said a general lack of interest kept the feature out of this year's iteration, also mentioning the team had to choose which modes to focus on porting to the new system.

We previously reported Madden 13 on Wii U will not feature the much-hyped Infinity Engine featured in other console versions of the game.

The representative said that the game is at its core the Madden 13 available on other consoles, unlike the Vita version of Madden 13, which is actually an upgraded version of Madden 12. Madden 13 is scheduled to be released during the Wii U's five month launch window, which begins November 18th.

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