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BitMonster Games' 'Lili' coming to iOS on September 21st, supports the new iPod Touch


BitMonster Games' "Lili" is coming to iOS on September 21st and is playable on the new iPod Touch.

BitMonster Games' action role-playing game Lili is coming to iOS on September 21st and will be compatible with the new iPod touch, the developer announced today.

"We've been pushing hard to take advantage of the new iPod touch features, and we think it's going to show incredibly well on the device," designer Lee Perry posted on the developer's blog. "A huge feature is that Lili supports a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio! That format creates a cinematic feel that is just awesome for a hand-held device."

Lili is rendered on Unreal Engine 3 and uses a "non-combat system," as BitMonster calls it, to solve puzzles and cope with enemies. The game is part of a long-term licensing deal between the developer and Epic Games for use of its Unreal Engine. Take a look at the launch trailer, posted below, for a more in-depth peek.

BitMonster Games is made up of six former Epic Games members who left to pursue indie development. Lili is the studio's first game.