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'Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate' is just one of Capcom's Wii U projects in the works

Capcom pushes into Wii U territory

monster hunter 3_660
monster hunter 3_660

Capcom is working on numerous projects for the Wii U console.

Capcom is currently developing Wii U projects beyond the recently announced Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it was stated in a Q&A with consumer software senior vice president Christian Svensson on the Capcom Unity forums.

"I have to be careful what I say here as it will surely be over-analyzed and misinterpreted to be more than what I'm saying." Svensson wrote. "We have other projects in the works beyond MH3 Ultimate. Unfortunately at this time I can not provide any details. I'm sure as someone who is interested in Wii U and a member, you won't be able to miss news of future projects when they finally do get announced."

It is unclear whether this refers to new IP; However it is possible the upcoming projects could rather be ports or eShop content.

Capcom's first Wii U title, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, is scheduled to hit Europe and North America on the new console system in March 2013.

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