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'Wipeout 2048' Facebook page teases 'We. Are. Alive.'

"We. Are. Alive."

studio liverpool
studio liverpool

Sony Computer Entertainment's Studio Liverpool is not quite dead, as indicated by posts on the "Wipeout 2048" Facebook and Twitter this morning reading "We. Are. Alive."

An upcoming announcement for Wipeout 2048 or possibly its recently shuttered developer, Sony Computer Entertainment's Studio Liverpool, was teased this morning by the game's official Facebook page and Twitter.

"We. Are. Alive," the posts state, the first made to the studio's accounts since its farewell letter on August 22nd.

Wipeout 2048 developer Studio Liverpool opened in 1984 under the name Psygnosis and was acquired by Sony in 1993. Livepool released the first Wipeout for Playstation in 1995 and space-combat simulator Colony Wars in 1997.

Sony assessed its studios' long- and short-term projects earlier in the year, resulting in Studio Liverpool's closure. The company stated that Liverpool would continue to host parts of Sony's European division.

It is unclear who runs the Wipeout 2048 Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Polygon has reached out to Sony for comment on the nature of these messages. We will update this story with more information as it becomes available.

Update: The Wipeout 2048 Facebook page was updated with a message stating that online play will still be supported for the title.

"While we wait for news on the future of WipEout, Online play will continue to be supported and there will be plenty of WipEout community events, giveaways and goodies to look forward to!" reads the post.

"Studio Liverpool is closed. The posts were in reference to continuing support for online play for Wipeout," a studio representative confirmed with Polygon.

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