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'Kirby's Dream Collection' trailer breaks down the bundle's six games and bonus content

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Kirby's Dream Collection received a new video today highlighting the games that that filled the series' first two decades years.

Kirby's Dream Collection, the recently-released bundle of Kirby games for Nintendo Wii, received a new video highlighting the games that filled the series' first two decades.

The collection includes six games spanning the original GameBoy to more modern systems, as well as the new challenge stages built for Kirby's Dream Collection. In a nod to history, players can learn about the franchise from on-disc materials and in the expanded manual. Episodes of the cartoon spinoff Kirby: Right Back at Ya! are also included on the disk, as is a CD filled with 40 tracks from the bubbly protagonist's adventures.

Kirby's Dream Collection was released yesterday, September 16th, exclusively for Wii. Check out the trailer below.

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