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'Quest for Glory' creators developing new turn-based puzzle game 'Hero-U'

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Quest for Kickstarter

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Quest for Glory creators making new turn-based series.

Quest for Glory series creators Corey and Lori Cole are back and developing a new five-game series called Hero-U.

The turn-based puzzle games, which will be developed with Australian studio Brawsome, are set in a reform school within a fantasy world, and will feature tactical combat, branching conversations that will affect relationships with other characters, as well as exploration through dungeons.

The team plans to launch a Kickstarter for the title October 19th, aiming for a monetary goal of $400,000; However, fans in the meantime can help throughout the development process by heading to the official Hero-U website where they can contribute suggestions throughout alpha and beta testing.

It is so far unknown whether the titles will be available on multiple platforms.