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GAME promotional to offer 50 percent extra trade-in value toward Wii U

Trade in your console for a Wii U discount

wii u
wii u

GAME promotional is on its way for the upcoming Wii U console.

An upcoming GAME promotional offering 50 percent extra trade-in value on consoles and handheld devices toward the Wii U is intended to launch in-stores throughout the United Kingdom, with further details slated to come in the following days, reports.

Based on current trade-in value, the promotion at GAME would offer £150 store credit for a 320GB Slim PlayStation 3 and £165 in store credit for a 250GB Slim Xbox 360.

Wii U pricing in the United Kingdom will begin at £249.99 starting November 30th, with retailers set to include Game, HMV, Amazon, and Play.

Game will offer three options for the console in the United Kingdom, featuring an 8GB, white solus pack, including console and gamepad for £259.99, a 32GB, black console which includes Nintendo Land, a gamepad, sensor bar, charging dock, stand, and one year's subscription to the Nintendo Network will be available for £309.99, and a ZombiU pack which includes the black console, ZombiU, Nintendo Land, and a Wii U Pro controller for £349.99.

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