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'Grand Theft Auto 3' for PSN release date appears on PlayStation Asia for September 25th

Delay no more

gta 3
gta 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 out September 25th, according to PlayStation Asia.

The PlayStation Network release of Grand Theft Auto 3 is now dated for September 25th, according to the official PlayStation Asia website, following its delay in late July.

Sony previously announced the PSN port would become available on July 31st; however it did not arrive with the PlayStation Store Update due to legal complications relating to gaining clearance for in-game audio.

Grand Theft Auto 3 will be made available for $9.99. The game will be a straight port of the 2001 game and will not include modern additions such as Trophies or graphical updates.

We have contacted Rockstar for confirmation and will update when more information becomes available.