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'Resident Evil 6' interactive Facebook trailer kills everyone you love

resident evil 6
resident evil 6

A new interactive Facebook trailer for "Resident Evil 6" borrows photos from your friends list and makes your loved ones victim of the rising horde.

The latest trailer for Resident Evil 6 takes viral marketing to a creepy level, using Facebook to create an interactive vignette featuring you and your loved ones.

The trailer utilizes viewers' friends lists to create a "personalized last moment" in the game's universe. Viewers walk through a world ravaged by the wandering dead in first-person, watching others struggle to survive and passing walls plastered with photos of the missing. Profile pictures and friends' names are placed throughout the video, such as on your character's cell phone or on these "Missing" walls, bringing the Resident Evil 6 experience closer to home.

The game is similar to Take This Lollipop, a live-action short offering chilling commentary on the ease with which personal information can be shared – and found by unknown parties – on Facebook. This vignette combs your personal profile, placing your photo in the hands of viewers are lead to believe is a mentally-unstable individual.

Resident Evil 6 is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 2nd. A demo is available today on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

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