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Boston Festival of Indie Games announces 35-game lineup

A 35-game lineup

boston festival of indie games
boston festival of indie games

The Boston Festival of Indie Games has revealed 36 games to be on-hand at at the festival.

The Boston Festival of Indie Games, a "celebration of independent game development with emphasis on the New England region," has revealed 35 games to be on-hand September 22nd at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA.

The festival is free and open to the public, and the 35 games were chosen from a list of over 100. The curation was overseen by MIT's Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, as well as representatives from Zynga Boston, Harmonix, and Fire Hose Games.

The festival's games include:

  • Resonance from Wadjet Eye Games
  • Jack Lumber from Owlchemy Labs
  • Dark Scavenger from Psydra Games
  • Photons from Electric Coffee Games
  • Don’t Blow It! from Blue Dinosaurs
  • PWN from 82 Apps
  • Girls Like Robots from Popcannibal LLC
  • Agent Higgs from TestTubeGames
  • Conway’s Inferno,, Captain Bubbles, and Downwards from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Negative Nimbus from CloudKid
  • Lost Marbles from Binary Takeover
  • Shade from Zarfhome
  • Amelia vs. The Marathon from Trouble Impact, LLC
  • Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller from Phoenix Online Studios
  • Conclave from 10×10 Room
  • Gimbal Cop from Defective Studios
  • The Hold from RUST LTD
  • Prime’s Quest from Intrepid Pursuits
  • Moonlight: Mistress of Mischief from Lantana Games
  • Snapshot from Retro Affect
  • Button Brigade from Axis Sivitz
  • Track from WPI
  • Candlelight from IBM
  • Ninja Jim from Giant Evil Robot
  • Nanoswarm from 80HD Games
  • Shape Shatter from 82 Apps
  • Rite from Father Octopus
  • Fieldrunners 2 from Subatomic Studios, LLC
  • Worldwide Death Party from Super Ghosts, LLC
  • Bandit Party from Super Ghosts, LLC
  • Go Home Dinosaurs! from Fire Hose Games
  • Neocolonialism from Subaltern Games

Festival organizers have provided a description of each game in a press release here, and you can find more information about the festival at its website.

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