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'PES 2013' free DLC packs detailed

Free updates incoming

PES 2013 Ronaldo
PES 2013 Ronaldo

Konami is offering free DLC packs with the release of PES 2013

Konami intends to produce a series of free DLC packs for PES 2013, which will include new online features, along with updates to licensed content and player data, Eurogamer reports.

PES 2013's first day-one patch will feature three licensed stadiums for Spanish clubs Celta Vigo, Real Valladolid and Deportivo, alongside updates to kits for 37 licensed clubs.

The second free pack arrives in mid-October and will reflect Summer transfer dealings, adding additional stadiums, UEFA elements, as well as updates to teams and online features.

An online mode patch is expected in early October, which will bring with it a Widget system to simplify bringing friends together for online matches, and a Community mode to auto-select friends for multiplayer matches, as well as track results of friendly matches. Players will also be able to concede a match at half-time, while a Rival Ranking system for Master League Online players is also said to be included.

Finally, this patch will unlock Incentives for the myPES Facebook app, which allows users to share their Achievements and Trophies online.

PES 2013 is scheduled to release on September 25th in North America.

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