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Midway Arcade Origins coming to PS3 and 360 for $29.99

sounds like a better deal than the Xbox 360's Game Room

Midway Arcade Origins screencap
Midway Arcade Origins screencap

Midway Arcade Origins will bring 31 classic Midway arcade games to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $29.99 this holiday season, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today.

The collection features games from the 1980s heyday of arcades; Warner Bros. hasn't released the full list yet, but the compilation will include Defender, Gauntlet, Joust, Marble Madness, Rampage, and Spy Hunter. All the games will offer Achievements or Trophies, and many of them will support up to four-person local multiplayer action. Of course, the true competition will come from online leaderboards, so start practicing on your arcade cabinets now to get those high scores up.

It's unclear whether Midway Arcade Origins will simply offer high-definition, widescreen versions of the arcade titles in question, or if developer Backbone Entertainment is making more substantial changes to the games. We've reached out to Warner Bros. Interactive for comment, and will update this post with any information we receive.

Midway Arcade Origins will be available on a single Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 disc later this year. Watch the CG trailer below.

Update: A representative for WB Interactive sent over the full list of games included on the disc. Here are all 31 of them:

  • 720°
  • A.P.B.
  • Arch Rivals
  • Bubbles
  • Championship Sprint
  • Tournament Cyberball 2072
  • Defender
  • Defender 2
  • Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet 2
  • Joust
  • Joust 2
  • Marble Madness
  • Pit-Fighter
  • Rampage
  • Rampart
  • Robotron 2084
  • Root Beer Tapper
  • Satan's Hollow
  • Sinistar
  • Smash TV
  • Spy Hunter
  • Spy Hunter 2
  • Super Off Road
  • Super Sprint
  • Toobin'
  • Total Carnage
  • Vindicators Part 2
  • Wizard of Wor
  • Xenophobe
  • Xybots

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