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Valve's hardware division hoping to have device ready for external beta next year

Valve hoping for hardware beta next year


Valve's Hardware division is working on an undisclosed project that the company hopes to have in beta form next year.

Valve's hardware division is working on an undisclosed project that Jerri Ellsworth, a member of the team, hopes to release in a beta next year, according to Engadget.

Without going into specifics about the team's current projects, Ellsworth told Engadget that Valve's hardware division's current goal is "To make Steam games more fun to play in your living room." The mystery project, which is already in an internal beta, involves the team behind Steam's Big Picture Mode, which provides a TV-friendly interface for the gaming client. Ellsworth said that next year's beta hardware will be tied to Steam, but is not part of the wearable computing device that the company revealed in April 2012.

Valve announced earlier this year that it was entering the hardware business, saying on a job listing that the company is "frustrated by the lack of innovation of in the computer hardware space, so we're jumping in."

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