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'Super Time Force' gets prehistoric on an asteroid to prevent dinosaur extinction at PAX

Meet Zackasaurus, a cool, crude dino dude

Super Time Force
Super Time Force
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Nathan Vella from Capy Games tells us more about Super Time Force and its new playable dinosaur.

The time-traveling military organization known as Super Time Force has a new recruit, a totally rad dinosaur named Zackasaurus. The chill raptor dude, who rocks sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt, and some tongue-in-cheek attitude — the Poochy of Super Time Force, perhaps — is the latest addition to indie developer Capy Games' side-scrolling shooter.

The Force will meet Zackasaurus when they travel far into the past to destroy a cybernetic T. Rex and an asteroid, the two big bosses of the new levels Capy brought to PAX Prime's Indie Megabooth.

Here's the mission: Col. Repeatski, the double eye-patched commander who's slathered in medals, sends the Super Time Force back to the prehistoric age to save the dinosaurs from extinction. Repeatski believes that human-dinosaur cohabitation would be pretty sweet, so the Force ventures to the Jurassic era — or some 16-bit approximation of it — to prevent mass extinction. Unfortunately, a lot of dinos still have to die for that to happen.

On a more positive note, players will take a ride on a friendly pterodactyl, your dino buddy during the battle with the mysterious, extinction level asteroid.

A few things have changed since we last saw Super Time Force. While the time-looping, single-player co-op mechanics stay largely the same, with the efforts of previous run-throughs of each level layering on top of each other during the same period of time, Capy's made some tweaks. No longer will charging your attacks deplete your time-life meter. And now, players can score point multipliers for consecutive kills. Those multipliers can stack as previous lives work together to pile on the kills.

Capy Games president Nathan Vella walks us through some of the new changes from the latest build of Super Time Force in the video below, which also shows off brand-new prehistoric levels and Zackasaurus in action.

Super Time Force will come to Xbox Live Arcade in 2013.

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