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'Second Life' developer reveals newest game 'Patterns'

Build yourself a universe


Second Life developer opens the door to Patterns, their upcoming game.

Second Life developer Linden Labs revealed its next upcoming title, Patterns, in a gameplay trailer for the 3D world building game.

Patterns is described as an "elegant, shared 3D creative space" that will allow users to craft and manipulate objects that make up the environment. Players are first taught to create basic shapes that can be used to create more complex constructs. Physics is built in, meaning all objects have a physical property, while users will also be able to share creations with each other in order to learn from one another.

Patterns is in early development; However, early adopters will be able to access the Genesis Release software, a pre-alpha product designed to allow users to test out the object creation process. The development team is currently working to include the ability to create your own avatar, multiplayer, creation of liquids and enhanced procedural world generation.

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