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'Demon Tribe' site source code suggests PlayStation Portable, Vita, and Wii U versions

demon tribe 600
demon tribe 600

Sega opened the teaser site to new game "Demon Tribe," formerly known as Project Omega, with a source code listing Wii U, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita as launch platforms.

Sega opened the teaser site to new game Demon Tribe, formerly known as Project Omega, shortly after the company's presentation at the Tokyo Game Shows yesterday.

Although the game was previously included in Sega's apps listing, Gematsu notes that the site's source code lists Nintendo's Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable as launch platforms.

Currently the only known details are that is is an action title in which characters engage in battle by transforming into demons. The text on the site reads, "Fight the demons. Fight until the end."

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