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'Lord of the Rings Online''s new endgame asks players to restore a town from ashes


"The Lord of the Rings Online" is getting a new endgame with its "Riders of Rohan" expansion pack coming next week, Turbine announced today, and rather than the usual destruction a boss players must focus on restoring a ravaged town from charred ashes.

The Lord of the Rings Online is getting a new endgame with its "Riders of Rohan" expansion pack coming next month, Turbine announced today.

Players are tasked, solo or in groups, with rebuilding the charred Rohirrim city of Hytbold through a suite of randomized rotating daily quests. The event uses technologies new to Lord of the Rings Online, including instanced public questing (copies of areas are made once two dozen people have entered to ensure unique experiences for different groups), open tapping (everyone who strikes a monster in a battle gets experience points), and remote looting (anyone eligible to receive loot from slaying a monster will automatically receive some without the race to click on a corpse to find it).

There are over 150 repairs to be made to the town's 24 buildings. If the restoration is successful players will receive a set of endgame armor tailored to their specific class and trait line, as well as participation in a special event that ties the expansion's storylines together and earns them the honorary title of Thane of Rohan.

"The Riders of Rohan" expansion will be available for Lord of the Rings Online October 15th. More specifics on the Hytbold quest can be found on the game's developer blog.

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