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'The Secret World' now offering free three-day trial with bonuses for ambitious players

Play for free for up to five days.

secret world
secret world

The Secret World edges into free-to-play territory with three day free trial and extended bonuses.

Funcom is offering a three-day free trial period for its massively multiplayer title The Secret World, the studio announced today.

The trial will not be level-capped, and will instead allow users to play the game fully for a period of three days. Users who complete 30 in-game missions will have their free game time extended from three to five days, and given an additional 1200 points to spend in the game's store. Users who successfully work their way through the Polaris dungeon will also receive a Whispering Demon Ring.

Earlier in the week Funcom CEO Ole Schreiner stated the company is not opposed to free-to-play methods for its game despite still believing in the subscription model, adding that it has "the tools to turn The Secret World into a free-to-play game - or even hybrid" should they decide to go down that road in the future.

Those interested can sign up on the official Secret World website.

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