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'Payback 2' developer explains changes to multiplayer and controls

Payback is coming soon

via <a href="http://www.apex-designs.net/screenshots/payback2/pic9.jpg">www.apex-designs.net</a>
via www.apex-designs.net

Payback 2, the sequel to one of the first Grand Theft Auto-style iPhone games, is coming soon, and developer Apex Designs detailed the game's revamped multiplayer connectivity and controls on its website today.

"Multiplayer is a really important part of Payback 2," said Apex, so the studio made an effort to ensure the game is playable even on low-bandwidth, high-latency connections. The use of peer-to-peer connections is designed to keep latency low, and smart compression techniques mean the game doesn't use up too much bandwidth. According to Apex, multiplayer games of Payback 2 will run fine on 3G and even EDGE connections, although they'll obviously work much better on LTE and Wi-Fi.

New touch controls, including dual-touchpad controls when the player is on foot, were implemented to "improve playability," allowing the user to move in one direction and shoot in another. Usability improvements to the game's HUD make it easier to avoid enemy fire, and a larger minimap takes advantage of the iPad's screen real estate.

Payback 2 is set for release on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in early October. Check out three new screenshots in the gallery below.

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