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Major League Gaming vs. Proleague Invitational kicks off September 27th

The MvP Invitational will feature the world's 48 best StarCraft players.

Major League Gaming has released the broadcast schedule for the upcoming MLG vs. Proleague Invitational beginning on September 27th.

The broadcast schedule for MLG vs. Proleague Invitational, beginning on September 27th, is now available online, Major League Gaming announced today.

The MvP Invitational will feature the world's 48 best StarCraft players as they face off for eight spots in Group Play, a trip to the MLG Fall Championship in Dallas, Texas, and $10,000 in prizes. The roster includes the top 24 ranked StarCraft 2 players from the KeSPA Proleague, 12 North American players, six European players, and six players from Korea and Taiwan.

The regular season runs from September 27th through October 15th, followed by playoffs from October 19th to October 29th. MvP content will air primarily on Mondays and Fridays at 7 p.m. EST. The schedule is as follows:

Regular Season

  • Thursday, Sept 27
  • Friday, Sept 28
  • Monday, Oct 1
  • Friday, Oct 5
  • Monday, Oct 8
  • Friday, Oct 12
  • Monday, Oct 15


  • Friday, Oct 19 - Round 1 - Europe & Korea/Taiwan
  • Saturday, Oct 20 - Round 1 - Proleague Day 1
  • Sunday, Oct 21 - Round 1 - Proleague Day 2
  • Monday, Oct 22 - Round 1 - North America
  • Tuesday, Oct 23 - Quarterfinals - Proleague
  • Thursday, Oct 25 - Quarterfinals - NA vs. NA & EU vs. KT
  • Friday, Oct 26 - Semifinals - PL vs. PL & NA vs. EU/KT
  • Monday, Oct 29 - Final - MLG Finalist vs. Proleague Finalist

Viewing passes can be purchased on the MLG website.

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