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The Besties Podcast XXIX

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Why don't you kiss Jenova Chen on the mouth?


This week on Besties: A new game of the week.

We've returned with the traditional structure you know and love. With Russ Frushtick still in Japan, his spot is once again filled by Chris Grant, Polygon editor-in-chief. With so many great games this week, how will The Besties ever pick their favorite? Well, like they always do of course: With a lot of heart. Also, at random.

05:00 - Griffin McElroy - Borderlands 2 (360, PC, PS3)

16:30 - Chris Plante - Rayman Jungle Run (iOS)

26:15 - Halftime: iOS 6 is a snore

31:15 - Justin McElroy - FTL (360, PS3, PC)

50:30 - THE DECISION by Chris Grant