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'Over My Dead Body' PlayStation Vita trailer offers a first look at the game's artwork

over my dead body
over my dead body

A same-titled sequel to Japanese role-playing game "Over My Dead Body" is on its way to PlayStation Vita.

PSOne Japanese role-playing game Over My Dead Body is getting a sequel on the PlayStation Vita, and although it carries the same title it will be a different experience, according to the game's latest trailer.

The game was announced at the Tokyo Game Show last week by director Shoji Masuda (Patapon, Toki to Towa). The video posted below features in-progress artwork shown at the expo, including several characters, monsters, and locations from the title's setting in ancient Japan.

The first game's storyline focused on a family of demon hunters fated to live only two years in their struggle to break the curse. Over My Dead Body was originally published for the PSOne. A remake hit PlayStation Portable in Japan last fall.

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