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'World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria' trailer flies over the new content

pandaria from the highlands to the lowlands


Mists of Pandaria received a new trailer today that takes views on a tour of the new land and its myriad new features.

Mists of Pandaria, the impending expansion for Activision Blizzard's MMO World of Warcraft, received a trailer that takes viewers on a tour of the new land and the expansion's myriad new features.

The trailer begins with cinematic flyovers from the mountains to the lowlands of Pandaria. It moves on to the action in story-based Scenarios, which take place on land and in the air. The final minutes of the nearly seven-minute-long trailer offer gameplay introductions to the new character classes and dungeons, before highlighting Pandaria's new raids and battlegrounds.

Mists of Pandaria is set for release tomorrow, September 25th, on PC and Mac. Check out the autumnal lands and its panda inhabitants in the trailer below.