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'Just Cause 2' multiplayer mod makes the series future 'even brighter,' says developer Avalanche

just be-cause

just cause 2 multiplayer
just cause 2 multiplayer

The fan-made multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2 has not gone unnoticed by Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios, with studio head Christofer Sundberg stating the mod's presence makes the series' future "even brighter" in a recent interview with Eurogamer.

"What the guys have done now with the multiplayer mod is fantastic, and it completely came out of left field," Sundberg said. "So we have them to thank for a lot. It's even too crazy for Just Cause. If we had done it it would have been more planned. Since it's a mod, it's just like DayZ, they can get away with a lot, which we wouldn't be able to unfortunately as a developer."

The mod is currently still in beta, but over 10,000 players have already registered for participation in the mod's 600-player multiplayer testing rounds.

"We definitely looked at doing a multiplayer component to Just Cause 2," said Sundberg. "But for budgeting reasons and planning reasons it didn't happen.

"During the development of Just Cause 2 that discussion came so late, and with everything that was going on at Eidos and Square with the merger, it was a big decision," he added.

Avalanche is currently juggling three projects, one of which may be Just Cause 3, reports Eurogamer. Sundberg stated that the company's "ultimate goal" is "becoming the best open world developer."

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