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Mount & Blade gets 'Highschool of the Dead' themed zombie survival mod

HOTD mount and blade
HOTD mount and blade

Medieval role-playing sim Mount & Blade joins the zombie-survival bangwagon with a mod based on the Japanese Highschool of the Dead franchise, a manga and anime series centered on a group of high schoolers in the zombie apocalypse.

Modder xPearse has added zombies to the battlefield and a number of costume skins to dress characters as modern-day police officers or in Japanese school uniforms. The mod, shown in the video below, tasks players with leading a group of survivors against waves of zombies and recreates some of the more recognizable scenes from the Highschool of the Dead series.

Most of the mod's assets are still in development, though xPearse is planning for a full release next year. XPearse encourages those interested in the mod to track progress and volunteer modding assistance on the mod's forum thread.

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