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'Need for Speed Most Wanted' trailer eludes the fuzz

become the Most Wanted

Gallery Photo: Need for Speed: Most Wanted screens
Gallery Photo: Need for Speed: Most Wanted screens
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Need for Speed Most Wanted players will spend a lot of time fleeing from the police, and a new trailer provides ideas for escape routes in some thrilling chase sequences.

The "Get Wanted" trailer, embedded below, features a white Nissan GT-R racing across the open-world city of Fairhaven, with police vehicles in hot pursuit of the reckless lawbreaker. The highlight of the clip is a nifty 360-degree rotation that causes a cop to smash through a line of police cars, creating a gap for our hero in white. The trailer also shows off the ability to switch cars on the fly, which will help throw the fuzz off your scent.

According to developer Criterion Games, Need for Speed Most Wanted focuses on ever-present competition with people on your friends list through the Autolog feature, which returns from Criterion's previous effort in the franchise, 2010's Hot Pursuit. "It's all about being socially connected," producer Leanne Loombe told Polygon last week.

Need for Speed Most Wanted launches on October 30th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android. Check out our full preview from early August here.

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