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Skullcandy announces SLYR, PLYR1, PLYR2 gaming headsets

Skullcandy gaming headsets coming your way

Gallery Photo: Skullcandy SLYR, PLYR1, PLYR2 headset photos
Gallery Photo: Skullcandy SLYR, PLYR1, PLYR2 headset photos

Skullcandy's new line of gaming headsets, which includes the SLYR, PLYR1, and PLYR2, offers options for gamers looking for a better audio experience without floor-shaking sound.

The audio company designed these headsets in conjunction with Astro Gaming, the premium headset maker that Skullcandy acquired last year.

The SLYR, a wired stereo headset, is available now for $79.99. The PLYR2 is set for release this holiday season; the stereo unit is equipped with 2.4GHz wireless technology and will sell for $129.99. The top-of-the-line PLYR1, a 2.4GHz wireless headset that offers Dolby 7.1 surround sound, won't be available until early 2013 for $179.99. All the devices are compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U, as well as "most smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players," according to Skullcandy.

Check out the gallery below for images of all three headsets.

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