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'Forza Horizon' season pass and soundtrack details announced

Forza Horizon
Forza Horizon

Details surrounding Forza Horizon's season pass pricing, soundtrack, and a video discussing how developer Turn 10 Studios created its fictional version of Colorado were released today.

In the video, the developers reveal why they set the game in Colorado, and how they built the game's environment based on a trip to the 38th state. They also discuss the game's hidden collectibles, roads, and the artificial intelligence system that controls other drivers.

Developers at Turn 10 also announced that Forza Horizon's Season Pass, which grants access to the game's monthly DLC, will be available for $49.99, and revealed the game's full music list. The game's soundtrack will feature 65 songs from over 60 artists, available on three in-game radio stations — Horizon Bass Arena for electronic and dance music, Horizon Pulse for indie rock, and Horizon Rocks for rock.

Forza Horizon will be available October 23rd on Xbox 360. You can watch the video below and check out Polygon's list of games to watch this fall, which includes Horizon.

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