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'Hotline Miami' wins 'Most Fantastic' award during Fantastic Arcade 2012

Hotline Miami is king of the indies

hotline miami
hotline miami

Hotline Miami, the hyperviolent top-down brawler from Dennation Games and Devolver Digital, won top honors during this year's installment of Fantastic Arcade, the annual round-up of noteworthy indie games held in Austin, Texas.

The game won the title of "Most Fantastic" — the Fantastic Arcade equivalent of "Best in Show" — beating out other worthy contenders like Sos Sosowski's McPixel, Stoic Games' The Banner Saga, and Capy's Super Time Force, to name a few.

The Austin Chronicle outlines some of the other, far more verbose titles which were handed out to other games in attendance. Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon managed to win the Audience Award, while Subset Games' FTL: Faster than Light won the "Most Fantastic Way to Learn That if You're Ever Put in Charge of Anything Important, Everyone Will Die" award.

Folks wanting to get their hands on the rampant, neon-tinted gore of Hotline Miami will get their chance when the title makes an appearance at the Eurogamer Expo September 27th through 30th, and at IndieCade 2012 October 4th through 7th. The game is scheduled to hit PCs and Steam later this year.

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