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Humble Indie Bundle 6 adds four bonus games

humble indie bundle 6
humble indie bundle 6

The Humble Indie Bundle 6, a compilation of games sold at a price of your choosing, has added four bonus games and their soundtracks to the mix.

Purchasers who pay more than the average selling price — $5.90 as of this writing — will receive Bit.Trip Runner, Wizorb, Jamestown, and Gratuitous Space Battles, in addition to the titles that debuted with the bundle last week.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6, which offers DRM-free versions of each game on PC, Mac, and Linux, also includes the soundtracks for all but one game, Vessel. For an additional $1, you can purchase a key to unlock the games on Steam with a code provided in addition to the DRM-free downloads.

You can check out trailers for the four bonus games below.

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