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'Double Dragon Neon' trailer aims to melt your face with awesome

Double Dragon Neon review hero 1020x640
Double Dragon Neon review hero 1020x640

Double Dragon Neon, the series reboot from developer WayForward, is the subject of a two-weeks-tardy launch trailer that debuted today to celebrate the game's September 11th release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

The trailer highlights Neon's co-op (or as the trailer calls it, "bro-op") beat 'em up gameplay, complete with high fives and brotastic one-liners from series regulars Billy and Jimmy.

Polygon interviewed the man behind the Double Dragon series, Yoshihisa Kishimoto, about the 1987 arcade classic and bringing it back with Neon. Be sure to check out Polygon's Double Dragon Neon review and watch the trailer below.

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