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'Dishonored's' second 'Tales from Dunwall' video shows the origin of rat-powers

dunwall 2
dunwall 2

The second installment in the animated prequel series for Arkane's Dishonored introduces the source of protagonist Corvo Attano's powers: The mysterious Outsider.

This episode begins with the suicidal conclusion of the trilogy's first entry, and follows a nameless boy who's harassed by the other pre-pubescent denizens of Dunwall's streets. That is, until he's granted a multitude of violent powers from The Outsider, which he uses to punish his tormenters — powers like Rat Swarm, one of Corvo's main supernatural abilities in Dishonored.

Check out the second "Tales from Dunwall" video below, and look back to yesterday's installment for more information on Dishonored's bleak, neo-Victorian setting.

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