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3DS firmware update blocks flash carts

Firmware blocks flash carts on 3DS

nintendo 3ds xl
nintendo 3ds xl

A firmware update released last week for Nintendo's handheld 3DS console has blocked flash carts on the system, according to a forum post on a device manufacturer's website.

In a forum post from manufacturer Super Cart, the company reveals that the firmware update means that "95% of the card[s] in the world will be blocked." The post's author speculates that manufacturers may have to abandon their old designs, assuming that a new exploit can be found.

Flash carts are adapters for flash storage cards. When connected to the 3DS, they potentially allow users to load programs from the cards and run them on their 3DS systems. Tiny Cartridge reports that hackers haven't determined how to run software through carts on the 3DS, but that the ability "plagued" the DS.

Nintendo's firmware update is a likely anti-piracy measure in anticipation of a potential hack, which could allow users to extract ROMs from 3DS cartridges and distribute games freely.

Nintendo's documentation for firmware update 4.4.0-10U does not provide details on the change, instead referring to several "improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments."

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