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'The Secret World' Issue #3: 'The Cat God' brings special Halloween events

secret world cat god
secret world cat god

The Secret World's latest update, Issue #3: "The Cat God" is live, bringing with it a handful of Halloween-themed events and a new storyline ending in confrontation with a new villain, developer Funcom announced today.

The Halloween event will run until the first week of November, including several new missions blending into this new storyline as well as the introduction of the titular Cat God sometime in October. Players can tackle new monsters in new locations, as well as enjoy Halloween-themed costumes and special pets.

Two new missions are also now available. "The Binding" asks players to dig up dirt, or sand rather, on the Seven Sentinels in the City of the Sun God in Egypt. This challenge will be "extensive," says Funcom, difficult for even the best puzzle-solvers. "Dogs of War" brings back Traian the werewolf in another scuffle between the vampires and werewolves.

Lairs will continue to be tweaked, and Funcom has issued a new set of Lair missions with the update to let players test and grow accustomed to the new system.

The next level of puzzles.

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