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'PokeMMO' fan project turns 'Pokemon Fire Red' into an MMORPG, registration available now

Internet, I choose you


A group of dedicated fans have turned a PC emulator for Pokemon Fire Red into a fully-fledged MMORPG, and recently showcased their works in a new, decidedly epic trailer for the project, titled PokeMMO.

The game allows players to battle their way through the whole campaign of Fire Red, a Game Boy Advance remake of the very first installment of the franchise, on a server with other players. Players will be able to see their fellow trainers as they make their way through the Gym Leader Challenge, and can trade or battle with them on the fly. Some functionality and animations are still in the works, but for the most part, PokeMMO lets players relive the battles and collecting of the series' first installment alongside hundreds, if not thousands of rivals.

Registration for PokeMMO is currently available, but tends to go down with little warning due to server load. You can sign up now and install the client for free — though it requires the download of a ROM for Pokemon Fire Red to be found off-site; a clever way to avoid legal repercussion from Nintendo. (Well, some of it, anyways.)

Check out the trailer for PokeMMO below.

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