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'Quiet, Please!' on Android free on Amazon Appstore today

press A to sabotage lawnmower

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Nostatic Software's adventure game Quiet, Please! is free on the Amazon Appstore today.

The title launched on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel in April before Nostatic ported it to Android in June and iOS in August.

Quiet, Please! is about one tired kid's quest for a silent environment. The protagonist comes home from a tough day at school wanting to do nothing but rest, but instead he meets all kinds of noisy impediments to his relaxation. Even his kittens won't leave him alone. It's up to you to solve puzzles and shut everybody up. We're fans of any game that lets you "press A to sabotage lawnmower."

Nostatic put together a trailer with clips of people playing Quiet, Please! — watch it below, then head to the Amazon Appstore to get the full game for free.

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