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EA buys 'Battlefield 3' mobile app developer ESN


Electronic Arts has purchased ESN, the developer behind the companion application for Battlefield 3, ESN announced today on their website.

Sweden-based ESN has been working with EA and DICE for several years on the web and mobile-based Battlelog app. The studio of 20 developers plans to focus its full efforts on Battlelog and future projects with DICE.

The Battlelog service is similar to the Call of Duty: Elite and Ghost Recon Network applications for Activision and Ubisoft's respective titles. The app allows players to voice chat, find multiplayer matches, and access forums, as well as tracks statistics and leaderboards for Battlefield 3 through their PC and mobile devices.

Following the acquisition, ESN is looking for more designers and developers to beef up their staff. Interested applicants can view the full list of available positions on ESN's website.