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'Banjo-Tooie' devs want to make a spiritual successor

A spiritual successor to 'Banjo-Tooie'

banjo tooie
banjo tooie

"Core members" of the team at Rare that created Banjo-Tooie, the 2000 Nintendo 64 platformer, want to make a spiritual successor, and are gauging public enthusiasm for the project on Twitter.

The @MingyJongo Twitter account reveals that ex-Rare developers Grant Kirkhope and Stephen Hurst are on board to make "a game that shares that same kind of humour, silly characters, fun game play, great tunes and all that stuff that we enjoy making," according a tweet posted earlier today.

A series of speculative tweets on the account says that the game may be developed in the Unity engine, and could seek Kickstarter funding. Either way, it would be a new property. "It wouldn't be to try and recreate Banjo. It would be something new," according a tweet.